Friday, January 25, 2008


I went to see the movie Cloverfield last weekend. I for one really enjoyed the movie. I tend to watch movies more then most people so it is always refreshing when you see a movie that surprises you. The plot was pretty predictable however the idea was fresh. They took a page out of the Blair Witch Project and did the hand camera thing. Before you write the movie off, let me say that despite purposely using amateur filming quirks on purpose, the cinematography really stood out for me. It was a monster movie but the story wasn't the monster like most Godzilla type movies. They tried that a few years ago and it just didn't work. You really got to know the people doing the filming and it felt like you were on their side as they made good and bad decisions through out the movie.

The entire movie was wrapped up in the first 15 seconds and the rest was just character development. Let me explain that. The movie opens with a statement that this camera was found at the site of the battle formally known as NYC Central Park. Basically you know several things from that.

  1. The City will be destroyed
  2. All characters filming will die
  3. There will be no resolution with the monster

Accepting that, you can with a heavy heart watch what these people would do as they spend what the come to accept as their last hour on this earth. I tend to rate a movie based on my emotional involvement in the movie. I also loved how they timed the clips from what was previously recorded on the film with the events. I could say much more but not with out killing the movie. This movie was great but more then that, I leave you with this thought.

If you had roughly the filming time of a hand camera left to spend on this earth, how would you spend it?

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