Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tom Smith Ford - Lies, Lies, Lies

I was a bit curious what my trade would be selling for so I did a quick search. Knowing my car in and out, I quickly found it. It is selling for $3,500 more then they gave me for it which is a nice little profit considering they cheated me out of $2,500 off our agreed price. For that story, check out this article.

Well, I looked to see how they were advertising it. The car had a lot of features so most of what they said was correct however there were several flat out lies. This doesn't look well for them since they claim to be an upstanding group of people. Minor things would be like saying it had a 3.6 L engine when it was really a 3.8 L. People who would care about that sort of thing would realize this was incorrect but an honest mistake. Their first mistake was claiming it was an automatic. A manual transmission is always less money then an automatic so one way to increase the asking price. Well, after that, I looked closer. They claimed it had a CD changer. Nope, wrong again. Some minor things are no rear mats, no traction control, no Auxiliary Power Outlet, no lockable glove box, and their claimed MPG rating was too high. All those things they claim to be on the car just so they get more hits thus generating more business.

My conclusion is that my first assessment was not incorrect. They are sleazy badgers who will do anything to make a buck... even honor Christ with their lips. Too bad they only talk the talk but fall short when walking the walk. There is a name in the Bible for this type of people. They are called wolves in sheep clothing.


rhbbuck said...

I'm sure that we all know that most dealerships are out to make a killing on all their sales. It really sucks trying to negotiate with them when buying a vehicle. Tom Smith Ford isn't the only dealership doing this i'm sure. However, noone should ever sign a contract to buy unless you are satisfied with the car you are buying not the payment only. Reading this blog about the lies just hindered me from going to look on their lot. thanks for the warning.

Brantley said...

There is nothing wrong with making a profit as that is what our economy is based off of. That can be done with integrity though.

If you're looking for a good Ford dealer, check out Don Jenkins Ford off of 401. I bought my first car from them and it was a great experience. They were strait forward and even gave me some ideas on how to save some money. If I ever buy a new Ford, I'll be going there again.

Dudley H said...

My sale went OK. Good matter of fact. My issue didn’t come up until some time after the original sale. When I first drove the truck I have now, I thought it needed an alignment. I was told it was fine. Again, 3 days later I took it back up to service because it was pulling slightly to the right. They had a service Tech ride down the road with me. He said the truck was supposed to pull to the right. Being he is the Mechanic, I was OK with that. Even though the cars in Texas are aligned straight, maybe NC didn’t do that. I didn’t pay as much attention since then for the pulling. Just last week I noticed my left front tire was severely worn on the inside. Knowing the alignment was off I went back to the dealership. I asked the service department what we could do to see about the alignment. He stated it started at $49.95. I told him the situation, he didn’t care. I left there as mad as you would imagine. I didn’t leave the dealership but turned around at the hwy. I went in and asked for the manager. I spoke with SCOTT. I explained the situation to him and pointed out that if they would have actually checked the alignment the previous 2 times I wouldn’t be in there asking the questions. He listened, seemingly like he gave a crap and went back to service to "see what he could do". He came back with a sob story on how the techs have families and they can’t work for free. Apparently TOM SMITH is the only dealership which their mechanics work on commission. They wouldn’t align the truck but offered tires at employee discount. Again I wanted an alignment. He wouldn’t do it. He said if he did, everyone would want to do it too. I said I wasn’t everyone and if they would have made it right in the beginning I wouldn’t be there. He told me they didn’t have any service history on the truck and didn’t know anything about it. I can change my oil. I shouldn’t be expected to pay double for a job if I can do it. Still he wouldn’t check the alignment that would take at most, 20 min to do. This was getting nowhere. I left the store. 3 days later I decided to a try it again with another manager. I spoke with Johnny this time. Again it seemed he cared on what I was saying. He took some notes and said he could understand the frustration. This time I told them I would work something out on tires. Not Employee discount because that was still more than what I could get them for elsewhere. I suggested 50% off, or buy one get one free. At this point I didn’t want them to touch the truck. This way no service man required just $80 toward a tire. He took the info and went to talk with someone to again to "see what he could do". He came back and said he wasn’t able to do anything other than the Employee discount on the tires. I in turn asked who was above him. You could see it through him off. He said he was the top and I informed him he worked for someone, I wanted that name. He told me Tom Smith himself. This is where I will go next. If they would have just checked it out when the complaint happened I wouldn’t have a problem. I would think they would do you right, especially in a small town. Boy I was wrong. I know they made money on the sale. I know they made money on the sale of my trade. $50 to $80 isn’t too much to ask for to make up for their mistake. I could have asked for $370 for tires and an alignment. I am not greedy and only want what is fair. Don’t buy here if you live around here. Like a typical dealership, promise you the world until you drive off the lot. If anyone has any suggestions on a fix for this let me know. I still can’t believe they would treat a “Valued Customer” this way. Not letting it go just yet. I still am trying to get results. .


Go Pack said...

Wow! You're saying you had a verbal agreement on the price and they at the last minute snuck in $3,000 dollars on the final cost by extending your contract period? That is pretty dirty! I can't believe they tried to badger you after you called them out on it. Some people will do anything for a buck. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be pre-ordering the Focus EV if that ever comes out and its good to know Don Jenkins is worth looking at and knowing what to watch out for.

eastcoastglass said...

**WARNING** Theft Among Them‎ - ‎ - 2010-08-28
Tom Smith Ford would have had a good review right up to when I picked my truck up and saw someone there had taken my GPS.
Had a GPS.Radar and other things in the truck. GPS was all that was taken. They blew me off , they are not responsible for there employees .