Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday

Lent... So where did it all start anyways? I know many people who began giving up things for Lent including Baptist who do not specifically celebrate that tradition. Well, as I wrote in my first blog entry, I've got 14 new years resolutions and what better way to stay strong in those then to set a time line to remember them. Specifically, I'd like for my relationship with God to really grow stronger during this time so I like many others give up certain personal freedoms so that I can stay closer to Christ.

Looking back, I've had some pretty funny things I've given up for Lent. Probably the best was giving up Hawaiian Punch at the NC State's cafeteria. Then there was video games, sweets, soda, and others through out my 27 years of life. My thinking was "all things are permissible but I will not be mastered by anything (1 Cor 6) .

I don't know that my thinking has changed but what can I do different for these next 40 days to grow closer to God? Well, I give up time before bed to spend in the Bible even when its after midnight. Then there is always the breaking of old habits that harmed that relationship or at least didn't help it. Here's to the next 40 days minus a week and Sundays. May it be a banner season for Christ.

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