Monday, February 18, 2008

My Jumper Review

I was surprised by the number of big names in a movie like this. I mean having 2 is about all you can expect but you had Hayden Christensen of Darth Vader fame, "It's my beer" Samuel L. Jackson, the ever talented Diane Lane, the beautiful Rachel Bilson of the O.C., Kristen Stewart from in the Land of women, and up and coming child star AnnaSophia Robb. Granted they are not all A listers but they are all known for different movies.

You basically get a kid who discovers that he has the ability to teleport after almost drowning in a river. His home life isn't abusive but is far from great. We find out that Diane Lane, his mother left him as a child so he makes up his mind to leave.

In New York, he realizes he can exploit his new ability to make money. The basis of his power is that he can teleport to any place he has visually seen. He visits a bank and comments, "I'm a kid, what would you do?" Flash forward a few years and he's grown up comfortable with this new life style. He teleports to London to pick up chicks. Leaves her the next morning to go surfing in Fiji. Then later he has lunch on the great sphinx of Egypt. Finally he ends his day back at his 5 star hotel suite. In doing so, he attracts the attention of another jumper and the attention of jumper killer Samuel L Jackson. Jackson tracks him back to his fancy pad and it ends with the place being destroyed and Hayden slipping out with only a bag of money and his life.

He goes back home to find his long lost kiddie sweetheart (Bilson). They it it off and go on a vacation to Rome. He shows her a good time but eventually run into trouble with the law. His mother shows up to let him off the hook but leaves before he has a chance to talk to her. Jackson figures out the connection to Bilson so Hayden ends up teaming up with the other jumper to take down Jackson.

After some flashy camera work and some showing off of their abilities, they end up with a plan that is going to work but it would take the life of Bilson and everyone else. Hayden will not go along with it so he has to fight the other jumper to get him to stop. Hayden ends up winning and somehow manages to teleport not only Bilson out with him but also Jackson and half the building. He brings her to safety and drops Jackson in the middle of nowhere. This is a different turn of events because Jackson claims all jumpers are killers and it is his job to kill them. Hayden comments he could have left Jackson with the sharks but he did not therefore he is different.

The movie ends with Hayden and Bilson at a surburban house. He rings the doorbell and finally gets to have a conversation with his mother. She turns out to be a jumper hunter like Jackson and has been protecting him with out his knowledge for most of his life. She explains that she left him when he was 5 because he jumped for the first time then. She had to leave or kill him. Hayden is hurt but understands. He then jumps with Bilson for lunch. Where? "Surprise me" she says and the movie ends.

The Good:
Well, comic book or superhero type movies don't always do well in the movies and rightly so. They too often rely on special effects or star power and forget the plot makes or breaks a movie. This one had your basic two sided fight between beings with power but was different then the run of the mill superhero flick. Neither side was good but you tend to side with Hayden since he is fighting for survival. I don't have a lot to say on it except I enjoyed the movie. The cinematography was good and the acting didn't suck. It was a fast action movie but it wasn't beyond my suspension of disbelief. I enjoyed it for what it was.

The Bad:
There wasn't much wrong with this movie other then it was an action flick. You rarely get to see an action movie with much more then fancy camera work and cool camera tricks. This one was by no means Oscar worthy but I can't say too many bad things about it since that isn't what you would expect out of this type of movie.

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