Monday, March 17, 2008

God is not a she

Evidently weird things rattle around in my head late at night. I don’t know what I was thinking but I decided to drink an Amp energy drink around 10:00 therefore around 1:30 in the morning, I was wide awake with my mind racing. Because I knew I would not be able to sleep if I didn’t write these things down you will get one of my late night thoughts.

Counting Blue Cars was a popular song back in the nineties. I never bothered to look up the lyrics so I am probably mistaken but I want to say at one point they say they’re on their way to meet her referring to God. In this big PC age, assigning God a male or female attribute has become the focus of many conversations. I in no way consider my delirious late night ramblings an official source but I thought it might be fun to tackle that question.

Jewish-Christian religion defines God as three parts but one God. Just like H2O can be water, ice, and steam, God is “the Father,” “the Son,” and “the Holy Spirit.” To start out, I’ll go with the easy one. There is little question that Jesus, “the Son” was a man. When referring to Jesus, it would be improper to say she just like it would be improper to say I was female. Now that was easy, if only the next two were just as easy.

Next, I’ll attempt to tackle God the Father. In Jewish culture and writing, men and women were assigned typical roles and casts which they were expected to fulfill. Men were known for physical strength and leadership while women were known for beauty and stability and happiness. What? Don’t believe me? Lets quickly look at the Asian language. The symbol for man in the Japanese language (男)is actually the symbol for rice patty and power. The symbol for woman is a stick figure but you make a loop for the belly since women have the ability to become mothers (). Here is where the PC crowd might go crazy. The symbol for happiness or peace is drawn by taking the symbol for woman and putting that under the symbol for roof (). As you can see these roles are still around today so let’s look at God through them. God is obviously powerful therefore that would be a male a traditional male trait. God also created the Heavens and the Earth therefore that would be work; Also a male trait. God the father is starting to look male according to Jewish culture but it doesn’t stop there. In God’s creation, it was said God poured beauty into it which was mirrored after God. Also, God created balance and stability which also was seen as a trait women brought. Looking through the Bible, a case could be made that God the Father could be both male or female but neither one is given. This is ok because God is more then just ineffable. I am reminded of a quote that I think demonstrates our inability to understand things. See the quote at the top of THIS article. God is beyond our understanding therefore we should just decide on one sex and just accept that as the standard. Before doing that, let’s look at the last part of God.

The Holy Spirit is the final part of God. The Holy Spirit is often seen as the hand of God. The Spirit can be seen as a pilar of fire or a cloud of smoke. The Spirit could be a might rushing wind or a still small voice inside you. In any case, when the Spirit is involved things happen but I’ve never seen any attributes associated with the Spirit just like you wouldn’t say your hand was a male or female.

That doesn’t help too much in defining a sex to God but combined; I think most will accept where I’m going next. Since one third of the trinity would be considered all man and none would be considered all woman, I lean one way but I still leave the sex being beyond my understanding. Tradition however calls God the Father therefore if the early disciples and even Jesus Himself said God was a father, who am I to say otherwise?

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter if God is male or female. What matters is that even one sin condemns us to hell just like only one crime would condemn you to jail time assuming it was a jail-able offense. Jesus says all sins are “jail-able offenses therefore male or female, I’m glad He is able to save me even if I don’t get His sex right.

By the way, I am saying the sex is always male if we had to decide on one therefore Dishwalla was wrong.

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Brantley said...

When I posted the article, it had the actual kanji symbol for each of the things I was describing but for some reason it now looks like a question mark on my browser. I would suggest Googling "Kanji symbol for man" or "kanji symbol for woman" to see what they actually look like.

On a side note, woman under roof meant peace or tranquility at first but now many use that symbol for cheap while the symbol with two women under one roof means something different. It looks like man should remain monogamous if for no other reason then a man could not handle more then one woman in his house :).
When in doubt, remember this carpentry saying: "one's plenty, two's too many."