Monday, March 17, 2008

It's like Christmas in March

No, it's not snowing or even cold here. I'm referring to the feeling you experienced at Christmas time as a kid. I remember being so excited about Christmas morning and all that went along with it. As I grew older that feeling was still there but not like it was when it was new. Now I've not experienced this myself but people say that when they have kids of their own, that feeling comes back. As you watch them get excited you can't help but catch that Christmas spirit again and you remember the excitement of your youth.

What a great analog to be applied to many different situations. Because I recently re-experienced the joy of my salvation by being drawn back to God and then by seeing others do the same, I'll compare it to that right now. We are the lucky ones to be in a free country and be able to listen to the Gospel. We also have the privilege to share our experiences with others and what a blessing it is when they listen to it and rejoice with you or are turned to God. Vague I know but all I can say is God is calling and He is good.

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