Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm so pumped for this weekend. Last Monday at BSF I was talking to one of the new guys in our group. He's from Wilmington and enjoys the X type of sports. He was saying they opened up 2 new slopes on the left side of the mountain that were both choppy black diamonds. Of all the slopes you can ride, choppy blacks are by far my favorite. Super steep slopes aren't much different then your average slope because you can always slow down. It's only that initial descent that takes your stomach. The huge moguls (sp??) aren't very fun on a snowboard either. They tend to be too close for such a wide board and being on the East coast, they tend to be all ice. That's why I love choppy blacks. They are steep and give you that gut feeling when you drop in. Also, you have to think the whole time about balance and staying light on your feet. Like shocks on a car, your legs go up and down with the rhythm of the mountain and when you want something different, you can always stiffen up and jump. That brings a whole new aspect to the session. Unlike big air, you chose when and where you want to jump. Also, if you make a mistake, you can go a few feet and jump again. If those two runs are good, that along with Shay’s Revenge and Cup Run will make the whole trip worth the 6 hour drive.

Now what I hear is that Snowshoe tends to be bad luck for our bible study guys. Some one gets hurt ever year so I’m a little nervous about that. There’s something I’ve been putting off for a few weeks but I’d really like to do when I get back. Hopefully I’ll be fit enough when I get back to do it.

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