Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stop Loss Screener

The link to sign up for Stop Loss is below here.

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One of the questions is were you referred by anyone. My screen name is thirdconspiracy if you'd like to answer that question.

I do not endorse this movie or any movie I have not seen.

In particular, this one looks pretty dumb. The idea is when you sign up for the armed services, you sign up for 4 years active and 4 years quiet. Stop Loss basically sends soldiers over again after their first tour of duty. This typically happens around their 3.5 year mark therefore they end up serving in their quiet years. This is in no way unfair as they are being paid to be in the army. They also signed a contract saying that if required, they will serve again since it is more efficient sending experienced soldiers then training new ones. This is the case at every job and that is why companies often like to promote from within.

Most people don't know this and they think when they sign up for the army, they are signing up for just 4 years and the government after that is just giving handouts. Like any contract, it's important to read the fine print.

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