Monday, March 10, 2008

What a long day this will be

So I started out the day wrong. I tried pressing snooze this morning but in actuality turned my alarm off. I woke up at 8:30 (what used to be 7:30) and was already late for work. That's not a big deal because I can come in at 9:00 if necessary but I was wanting to get out early so I could do some things before BSF.

Right now, I'm half sleeping from the trip this weekend. We got up to snowshoe around 1:00 AM. The next two days, the four of us went snowboarding. Since we had already checked out of the room, we rode home with out taking showers and got back around midnight.

The trip over all was good. Despite the rain Saturday, we had a great time on the slope. We went on all the good trails and a few super icy ones. Mike did a great job even though he struggled a little to keep up. By the end of the day, he was speeding down like a champ. Aside from the expected enjoyment of being outdoors, the thrill of riding down a mountain, and all the other things you would could with quality guy time, there was one unexpected thing that came up that made the trip much better. Many know that for the longest time, my relationship with God was not the closest. I went through a period of doubt and rebellion and it was only through God's calling me back that I was able to return. This one guy I was talking to on the lift seems he was going through the same thing. He actually asked me if I went to church and believed all that went along with it. He told me he was going through a period of doubt and wasn't really going to church right now.

It's an awesome thing to go through something like that and make it out to the other side but to be able to share my experience with some one going through the same thing was great. I shared with him two things I had learned in BSF. First, that if we really seek him, Jesus/God would reveal himself to you and show you He is real (ask, seek, knock). Most people who have been Christian for a while know that but it's an easy thing to forget. Second, in my opinion, it is ok to doubt. Some people like myself wouldn't let ourselves admit we had doubt only allowing it to grow stronger in my mind. Knowing Jesus is God does not come from worldly wisdom but from God so for us to be sure of who He is, we need to ask God to reveal that to us. I based that on when John the Baptist was about to be killed. He had a moment of doubt and asked Jesus "are you the One or should we expect some one else?" What I think is so important here is Jesus' response. Often he would call his disciples "you of little faith" but not John. He revealed himself through fulfilling the prophecy in the book of Isaiah and after that commended John for who he was. God knows we can not understand Himself fully and that can lead to doubt. God wants us to take that doubt to Him so He has a chance to reveal Himself to you. I don't know if that helped him but I know it helped me when I was going through that situation.

Stiff and sore, I had to put things away and set all my clocks forward. That brings me back to this morning. I'm looking forward to BSF and the social after but they picked a hard day to do it. I dont know how long I'll end up staying but there are a few people I'd really like to catch up with. I might write more about that tomorrow but now, I need to stretch.

You know the bad thing about blogging is the bad habits it builds. I'm sure I made many spelling and grammar mistakes but since this is a blog, I'll probably keep it as is. If bulldog or the fox are reading this, maybe you can let me know what changes I should make.

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Ashely said...

I'm glad ya'll had a good trip! I feel like I haven't seen you in a gazillion years! I really enjoyed reading your testimony here. It was really great and encouraging! I'll see you soon!