Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where did all the cynics come from

I think this pretty much captions the attitude I've seen and read a lot lately. It seems most women have this super cynical view of men and some how all men are to blame for all their problems. They rant about all the men they know being peter pan boys living like they're teens despite being in their late twenties and early thirties.

Being a twenty seven year old single male, I at first take offense to this stereotype. I feel I am very responsible and demonstrate leadership when leadership is needed. In addition, I know several Godly men who are like me. I would say of all the men I know and hang out with, I know way more responsible men then I know men who go for the forever young dream. It is true that I do spend a good deal of time and money on entertainment but I don't feel that defines my life. I am not opposed to finding a wife. On the contrary, I'm all for it. I believe God made man and woman to be together but there is no reason for me to put a hold on my life until I marry some one. Had I done that, I would not own a house, any pets, and would not have a life at all. For a single woman to say that I shouldn't spend time and money on things like snowboarding trips or movie tickets would be like me saying they should quit their job, move back home with her parents and wait by the phone for some one to pursue her. With all the articles preaching to men about settling down and looking for some one, I wonder where all the articles are about women being worth pursuing or accepting the offers God has given them.

I however can not dismiss this because of countless articles talking about it. I enjoy blog reading and one blog that I frequent is called boundless.org. Boundless is a page put on by focus on the family therefore can be trusted to have a good moral compass when they give advice. One would not go a week with out seeing an article like THIS based off of THIS article where they point out all the single men who only go for random hookups and avoid commitment like the flu. It also shows that there are single men who are pursuing women but because they don't pursue in the perfect way or they do not fit the perfect prince charming, many women don't give them a chance. Looking at this article, and many others, I wonder if there are parts of me that are becoming a “bad egg.” I may not be dating around but maybe I’m doing these things to a lesser degree just as Jesus says to be angry in the heart is the same as committing murder in God’s eyes. With this realization, I’ll have to do some self reflection and start looking at this avalanche of guy bashing articles from a different perspective. I can already see areas I can change and I hope to do just that.

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