Friday, April 18, 2008

After the Mountain

Last night out Sunday School class met up for our monthly Thursday night study. We were studying the importance of the Bible in our spiritual health. One of the passages read was the tempting of Jesus after 40 days of fasting. One thing that always stands out for me is the event that precedes his tempting. Jesus had just been baptized by John and the Holy Spirit had just come down on him like a dove. Matthew says just after this mountain top type of experience, "then he was lead by the spirit into the desert." Mark actually says "immediately" when describing the time between the good and bad times. In the desert was where the fasting and the trials came but he was prepared because he was filled by the Holy Spirit after that baptism and he was prepared having memorized the scriptures.

What does that say to me? Be careful after something happens that draws you really close to God. At that point, you think nothing could persuade you and you can easily become overconfident like Peter before he denied knowing Christ. Those amazing experiences often precede a particular time of trial and are there to teach you and bring you through the tough times.

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