Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blog often

It's amazing that you can now watch about any current show through the net by going to the network company's website. It's a clear feed and with limited interruptions so in my opinion is better then watching it on TV.

I've heard the best way to have a successful blog is to blog often. People come to a blog for new information so even if it is short, it's good to always have new information. That's become much easier as I've finished watching all of the new TV shows out.

I've even gone through cheesy shows like Kyle XY and Wildfire. I'll admit though that I can get into a cheesy show as long as it's clean. The unrealistic drama and bad acting doesn't bother me too much because you can always laugh it if it's too much. After finishing every season of a countless number of shows, I decided to start finding funny verses I've read in the bible and posting them. At some point I'll run out but I'm on day five and still have five left in my queue. Actually, just read Song of Solomon and you'll find an endless number of them since our view of beauty is much different then theirs. That however is too easy so I'll limit my selection to three from that book. Describing her hair like that of a goat or teeth like sheep doesn't exactly put a great picture in your mind. Goat hair in case you haven't felt it is pretty rough and who wants fuzzy teeth. That's what toothpaste is for. I wonder what future generations will laugh at us about.

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