Friday, April 25, 2008


The future is uncertain; this we all know. One thing we should not be uncertain about is God's will. Doesn't the Bible say “if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask” or “he will direct our path?” I'm sitting at home at night asking God what he wants from me. My life seems to be at a turning point and I don't know where to go. My current job is going fine but it can get pretty monotonous at times. My boss knows my ambition is not where I am so he’s looking to find me a position in development. Since I graduated college in 03, that has been where I wanted to go but now things are kind of up in the air. If this doesn’t work out, it will almost be like the last two years have been wasted. Granted, I’ve learned a lot about computers and probably more so then I would had I just spit out code but that would leave me at a dead end here if things don’t work out. I love working for this company and it would be sad to start looking for a job outside of them. Then again, I’ve thought about going back to school for a masters, or even changing venues to something with the Church. I’ve heard about computer jobs in missions where you would produce Jesus videos for different languages or network radio stations so they can broadcast the Gospel to the world. I’d probably have to go to seminary for that but it would be exciting to get out and be doing something that made a difference. You’d probably see the world and meet all kinds of people; also something I’d really like to do.

This came up because my boss just organized a meeting with the two development managers and we should be meeting soon to discuss positions opening. I’m confident I would do a good job but it’s been so long since I’ve coded, I know I’d make all the rookie mistakes and ask a lot of stupid questions. Then again, there is a six month training part so at least I wouldn’t have to just jump right in.

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Kristine said...

Brantley, I'm not sure what God's plan is for you, or what path you should follow. I can identify with your struggle though and know how difficult it can be to wonder if the life you're living now is what He ultimately wants for you. I will pray that you'll know what step to take next when the time comes and that He'll be glorified in whatever you do.