Friday, April 18, 2008

Evan Almighty

I just finished watching Evan Almighty not too long ago. I've heard different things about the movie from all kinds of people. Some said it was an insult, others said it was tastefully done. Some thought it was funny, others did not. Basically, the story goes like this.

You've got an anchorman who is thrust into political spotlight as a US congressman. He moves into a huge house and into a large office and his life seems to be going great.

Just when everything seems to be going perfect, you start to see the facade fading. He spends all his time at work and never makes time for the hike with his kids he has been promising. At work, you find out his political success came about because of another senator who fast tracked his career to push through a controversial bill. Meanwhile, Even has just had a visit from God. God told him there would be a flood and that he needed to build an ark.

At first his family thinks he is crazy and it begins tearing them apart. Evan is about to be kicked out of the senate and his kids have moved in with his wife's mother. Unknown to Evan's wife, she also has a conversation with God and he reveals to her that this is a perfect opportunity to grow closer as a family. She comes back with their three children and help Evan build the ark. God also causes the animals to help out since the task is too much and together they all finish it.

Now that it is finished and the day has come for the flood, the entire community has come out to make fun of Evan. It starts raining and everyone realizes that Evan was right. Then it stops. Just as all faith in Evan is lost, you see the dam holding back the river break and the flood comes washing in.

The crowd just is saved and they get flushed to capital hill where a meeting is taking place to discuss further developments like the one that was just flooded. With the broken dam, Evan has all the evidence that shows what the other senator is doing is wrong. The environment is saved and Evan gets his job back.

I thought the movie was actually pretty good despite all the things that could have gone wrong. It was kind of obvious the main part of the plot but you didn't know till the end how that wrong would be fixed. There were several funny parts that I just couldn't keep from laughing despite my best attempt. I was watching it while I worked so you can't really bust out too much. There was also some good advice given by God when he talked to Evan's wife. She thought Evan was crazy and God explained that he didn't see crazy, he saw opportunity.

Often we pray for things and we hope they will just happen. We will pray for patience but really what we're asking for is everything to go our way so we don't need to be patient. God explained that when he gives patience, he allows situations to happen that let us demonstrate patience. She asked for a chance for her family to grow together and this was the perfect opportunity. I guess the moral of that was be careful of what you pray for because you just might get it.

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Kristine said...

I think that's very true what you've said about patience. We pray hoping for instant gratification even when we are asking for patience in dealing with something. I never really thought of it that way, but it's tricky. Who really wants to wait But then again, who knows what God's plan is and how long he intends for us to wait for those good things to happen?