Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer Nights cont.

I just realized something. As I said, I was telling a good friend of mine about my summer plans and he also seemed excited about doing something similar. The problem is he is always in another state due to work. As I posted in a previous article about networking, his company may end up building a new building for Ateb which would force him to stick around Raleigh for at least the near future. I don't want to pretend to know God's plan and how He plans on keeping me in touch but that certainly would be one way to do it. Not only would he be in Raleigh but would be working with in a 2 mile radius from where I am now. We could make sure we're each on track during lunch breaks.

Oh, since I didn't put this in the last one, here are some of the options I was given. Being summer and for a shorter period of time, we can be more ambitious about things.

1) Read the Bible all the way through in 90 days (12 pages a day)... resource HERE and about HERE
2) Do a chapter a week of a systematic theology book and study the verse associated... resource HERE
3) Go through a workbook of some kind that involves daily reading.

I'm leaning more towards reading 12 pages a day cover to cover since that will help me understand verses I study in context of the whole bible. Also, it is a bit more structured which is good right now.

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