Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer Nights

Summer lovin' had me a blast

Summer lovin' happened so fast

Summer is fast approaching and means a lot of changes. In college Crusade would always give warnings to all the leaders about the summer. Be prepared is what they would always say. Crusade did not meet during the summer so there were no Bible studies to attend or weekly meetings to keep you encouraged. Also, the new school year would be here before you knew it and with out preparation in April and May, many outreach opportunities would be missed.

Now that we're out of school, we are no longer on a school schedule but there are still changes associated with summer. BSF has for the last year been my daily quiet time. It put me in God's written word every night and I've learned a lot from it. Since that will be over May 19th and before BSF I never had a consistent quiet time, I was a bit worried that I would slip into old habits of drifting through my spiritual walk. With out that -do this on day 1 and this on day 2- structure, how would I know how to approach the bible each night?

At first, I went to Lifeway looking for a BSF type of lesson since that is what I'm familiar with and I know I've grown in my walk from that. Luckily I couldn't find anything even remotely close. You see, being new at the close relationship part of Christianity, I thought it was the method that brought you close to God. I figured the BSF method was what worked and so I should stick with that. What I didn't understand was it was the Holy Spirit that was doing the work there and not the questions that were being asked at the end of each lesson. I did not have faith that "He would continue the good work started in me" as I stated in my testimony and was said by God Himself. After talking to several men I admire, I've come up with several options for the summer. For the next few weeks I'll be praying through those options and trying to come up with what God would have me do.

The other request/fear was for accountability. In BSF, you would discuss your answers each week so if you didn't do it, you would have to pass when it came your turn to speak. In an effort to avoid that situation, I would do my lesson each night even if it was late and I was tired. Even with great plans, human nature can cause us to skip a lesson then another untill skipping becomes the habit. Sharing with some closer friends both my desire to keep up a daily quiet time and to do it with them, I've found a several men who expressed interest in doing the same thing. They will keep me accountable and I, them.

After all my worry and prayer, I realize I was just being dumb. Why would God let one of His own go when they want to stay close to Him? I'm now excited about what this summer will bring. Hopefully I'll see God in a way that is different then before and I'll be able to share that with others.

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