Monday, September 8, 2008

Back at cha

Ok, so there is a lot of areas we could recycle but what will it cost me?

1) It cost much much more to recycle paper then it does to make it the first time. Paper's one of the easiest to recycle too. Plastics and glass are even more costly.
2) It still cost me more money to me the end user which is the bottom line in a capitalist society
3) Garbage is an eye sore and now I need another trash can
4) Hell will freeze over before I go vegetarian!

I'm not saying I won't recycle or "go green" in some areas. All I'm saying is greenhouse gas is a con and it's costing me money. Evidence shows global warming comes from increased solar activity and not CO2. There is however something to say about keeping streams clean for drinking water and for aesthetic beauty.

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marcie said...

you need to fix number 2. And just so you know, everything costs money, big deal! Are you going to go out there and replant all those trees that we use up for paper? Cause more trees are being cleared than are being replanted. **Its about saving our resources, and making less trash**. One other big thing would be to recycle the millions of walmart bags we get all time. Did you know that there is a bin to put them in when you go to the store? Easy as pie! ;) (and if they don't have one, then NC has some catching up to do, MI has it right)