Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BSF starts back up

I'm so excited that BSF has started up again. I got home last night and did day one of my lesson the moment after I walked Keeley and she did her... Anyway, It talked about the authority of the scriptures and what we can take from the life of Moses as we study him this coming year.

I thought it interesting the wording for where scripture came from. The original translation says it was God breathed. Some translations say it was inspired but that doesn't quite cut it. It was more then just inspiration. The words written had direct contact from our Creator. The Bible isn't authoritative because it has stories about God by men who were close to Him. It is authoritative because God breathed it into existence.

Also, a quick look into Moses showed these 4 qualities. First, he was a man of Faith. He believed in God and his faith was never shaken. Next he was a man of prayer. Any time anything came up, the first thing Moses did was go to God first. Also, he was a humble man. He did a lot of amazing things but despite it all, he always remained humble. Finally, he was a man of courage. Despite impossible odds, Moses kept on trusting God would help him in his time of need. What a role model for us and one I can't wait to dive into over the coming months.

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