Friday, September 19, 2008

Want to learn French?

I'm working on my French and I've found a few decent resources. Thanks to Pimsleur, I can now say very very basic conversational French sentences. Since I'm on lesson 3, I could determine what nationality I am and some random French person is in a conversation. We could also figure out if we understood each other's language (and how well - very well, not very well, or a little), and say hello and goodbye. If you don't feel like spending money, check out the following:


Ashely said...

Let me know when you meet a random French person.

Brantley said...

I met a random french woman in Boston on New Years about 2 years ago. Then again, she did speak English since she was down here on exchange.

Brantley said...

On another note, are you saying I'm learning a useless skill?