Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Party Would I Be Now?

I thought I was Republican. The Republican Party to me was an honorable party with a good head on its shoulders. It seems however that the modern GOP party has strayed far from that truth and only stuck to one or two of those points and not the underlying theme. The following reasons are way I consider myself Republican.

I believe in the value of human life.

The Republican Party has a longstanding tradition of supporting the weak and oppressed. It was the Republican Party that opposed slavery. The Republican Party fights to save the lives of unborn children. Also, statistics show that Evangelical Christians who are typically Republican give more on average to charities and help the poor more then the rest of the nation. As a matter of fact, the Church has shown over and over to be the most effective service organization for mobilizing against disasters such as Katrina. Speaking of helping, what better way to save some one then to save their soul.

I believe in Capitalism

I believe Capitalism works and competition drives companies to be better. Seeing the government in action, I know it is one of the most ineffective organizations on the planet. For that reason, I believe in small government and privatization of every aspect possible. The only flaw in Capitalism is the forming of monopolies. The goal of a organization is to grow till it becomes a monopoly. After that happens, then the government's only responsibility is to step in and break of that organization. Then the process begins again. With the absence of monopolized products, public demand drives the market and not the lack of other options. If the government did its job in this area properly, we’d all be driving hydrogen cars and wouldn’t be as oil dependent. Look at HD verses Blue Ray. Blue Ray is more expensive but the market demanded it since it was a superior technology. What would have happened if the Government forced us to adopt HD players? We'd be using outdated technology much quicker wouldn't we? Since socialism is creeping into our government, corn prices have soared since we’re being forced to use it for ethanol instead of the much more efficient sugar cane. The biggest problem with our market today is too much government intervention. When the banks have too many defaults on their loans, the government bails them out instead of letting them deal with the consequences of taking on to much high risk loans. We're being reinforced on bad behavior of debt with out consequence but that’s a soap box for another time.

I believe in fair taxation.

Everyone should be taxed and their tax dollars should not go to controversial outlets. What that means can take on many outlets. That can mean I shouldn’t have to pay for some one to kill their unborn child since I believe murder is a sin. It also means that some one who is working "under the table" should have to contribute to our government as well as those who go through the legal procedures. An easy way to do this would be to get rid of the IRS and make a nation wide federal sales tax. Problem solved. Anyone who buys American goods supports our government. Legal, illegal, and tourist will all contribute. The rich will still pay more taxes just like they are now since they tend to buy more or at least buy more expensive things. The poor likewise will be paying less since they should be buying less. And those who are in our country illegally will start to contribute to the nation that is giving them opportunity at a better life.

I believe in freedom of religion

Our nation was founded by Christians and only recently has it been unpopular to have a moral compass. Did you know there are laws they are trying to put through congress that say a Christian radio station, to be fair to other religions, would have to put some other religious view minute for minute for every Christian view preached? That’s crazy. All men are created equal but not all men are given equal opportunity. If you don’t like what you’re hearing on a Christian radio station, all you have to do is change the channel. The next station will have an opposing view. Don’t censor my religion because you don’t agree with it.

I believe in freedom to have an unrealistic arsenal of guns and ammo if I choose

We have the right to bear arms (picture stuffed bear arms on a wall sticking out... lol) according to our constitution. A car in the hands of the wrong person can be just as dangerous. Protection, target practice, hunting, and collections are all reasons for me to have guns.

Here is the problem with the Party today. For that matter, the same can be said about that Democratic Party but they have different issues they stand for. They say they are anti abortion but that doesn’t seem to be because they value human life. It’s because that’s an issue Republicans know their voters will support. The party also agrees that growing larger is good for Capitalism however often there is forced growth on what they perceive is the best and not what the market demands. Interference like this harms the capitalist growth that works and allows organizations to become lazy and take on unrealistic risk since they know they are backed up. I could go on and on here and the other points but what I’ve noticed from this election and from both parties in general is they are far from their roots. There has been so much red verse blue crap being slung around that nobody knows what is important any more. It’s about time for an independent to take office and show these guys you can win voters by conviction and not by polls.

PS - blog inspiration comes from THIS article. Although it doesn't talk about this topic, my rabbit trail lead down this path.

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