Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bailout passes senate

Many are reconsidering after getting a lot of calls from small business owners who can not get loans. On one hand, I say good. Not all small business owners deserve loans and a large percentage of them will fail within a few years of startup. On the other hand, starting and owning a company is the American dream. My stance is still 'no' on the bailout since small business owners can still get loans if they work really hard. That after all is the American dream. If you work hard enough, you can make it rich. But after considering the effect on ma and pop stores, I might be willing to reconsider assuming laws go in place against stupid risk that banks have been making. Remember you are not entitled to a loan and it is not your money. Certain people I would not loan any amount of money to unless I wouldn't be willing to part with it for good. That's what the government is doing. Giving away $700 Billion dollars that they don't mind parting with. Well... I mind $700 Billion dollars.

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