Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I think I'm going to fall over. When riding a bike to work, mountain bikes are much harder because they don't have a smooth tire thus more friction. Compound that with a flat tire and it gets even harder because of extra friction. Then, the bike I have has front and rear shocks therefore when ever I push down with all my weight, instead of all of that weight going into the gear, a good portion of it gets absorbed into the rear shock making riding the bike near impossible if you're not used to it. Before I continue, I'll need to fill the tires and then get a seat cushion. Nothing like sitting on thin hard surface for 45 minutes to add bruises on your tail bone.

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marcie said...

hahaha 45 min! yuck! but a good work out. perhaps the effect of the shocks won't be as bad in the rear when you loose that 25 lbs!!! OH SNAP! ;)

(Brantley knows that Im refering to an inside joke with the poundage comment- IM not a complete meany)