Monday, October 6, 2008


With all the talk of the need for change, I did my part. Not exactly the way the politicians are talking about it but for the past year I've been saving my change in my boxers drawer. One of the many things I love about the state employees credit union is the ways they encourage you to save. Most people see change as something to get rid of therefore they are loose with it. I'm pretty much a plastic kind of guy so I rarely pay in cash but over the past year, I had enough to fill a tied up dish towel. NCSECU has a machine that will count your change for you with no fee. I turned in my receipt and to my surprise, there was $57.52 worth of change. I quickly turned that into cash and went off to Bojangles with my savings. $5.66 for a 4 piece supreme dinner and I've still got enough to put gas in the car when I get home. Talk about your good timing!

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