Monday, November 17, 2008

Help us Obama

Here are a few things I would love to see Obama accomplish while in office. These are things I believe he could accomplish if he wanted to.

1) Fuel Cell Cars and Trucks
Imagine pulling up to a pump and not worry about smelling gas on your hands when you're done. You're putting hydrogen in your tank which comes from breaking apart water. You know its clean and safe and most of all, American. What's holding us back? Government policy can force gas stations to start having hydrogen pumps and watch it all take off. Government forcing things like this brings me into #2.
2) Make Us Socialist
As a good conservative, you might be surprised to hear me say that. Well, I say it through gritted teeth but no matter what I believe, America can no longer accept a capitalistic society. Americans believe they are entitled to their dream and don't believe they could fail. As much as I would hate to see Ford or Chevy go bankrupt, if they can't make a profit, then that is what should happen. Since that won't happen and we'll bail them out, lets just move to socialism since we're there already and forget this capitalism talk. It works for the most part in Europe so lets just do it.
3) Cut Deficit
This obviously would require us being financially stable but I think it could happen.
4) Make Hard Working Americans
Encourage Americans to work hard and believe they can accomplish their dream if they do so.

Here are some things I hope he doesn't push.
  1. Killing babies born after surviving an abortion
  2. Partial birth abortion (baby is partially out and they still kill it)
  3. Hate speech bill (censorship and ignoring free sheech amendment)
  4. Fair time bill (forcing views on others even in private sectors)
These are things Obama believes in and would sign if they make it through the house. Here are my predictions if this gets passed.
  1. a lot more abortions will happen
  2. a lot more abortions will happen
  3. pastors will be put in jail if they kick some one out of the church for practicing homosexuality publically despite clear biblical guidlines (its not a sin to be gay as long as you don't practice). Even more then that, they will be jailed for even saying the practice is a sin.
  4. Church functions as well as Christian Radio will be forced to play propaganda from athist and other religions.

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