Saturday, December 27, 2008

Simon Peter

I was reading in John where Simon was given the name Peter. When Jesus says you will be called Peter, he gave that as more of a nickname then an actual name change. Using MacArthur as a resource, he shows through out the book both names were used. When ever they talked about every day life things, the would use his birth name. An example would be Simon the fisherman or Simon went to the market. Really the only time Peter was used was when he was displaying the quality of a "rock" as his name means. Kind of a funny way to think about it but MacArthur in his "Twelve Ordinary Men" book said when ever Jesus called him Peter, it was like a badge of honor. On the other hand, Jesus would call him Simon when he was impulsive and shifting. That name might have had the opposite reaction. He might cringe when ever he heard Jesus say his birth name. Knowing this kind of gives you a different perspective while reading the Gospel according to John. I thought it was a cool perspective.

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