Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wake up easier

Darren just sent me a link to an alarm clock I almost bought a while back. I would have but most of the reviews say that it breaks too easily therefore isn't worth the money. Still the concept is cool. Here are a few geeked out alarm clocks I've seen.

Sonic Boom Alarm clock
This alarm clock is awesome. Not only is the alarm the same number of decibels as a jet engine but it also has a strobe light and a vibrating pad that goes under your pillow. This alarm clock could wake a ninja hence it has been dubbed the "ninja alarm clock."

Flying Alarm Clock
A pretty cool idea. When the alarm goes off, it sends a helicopter flying. You have to track down the helicopter and return it to the base to turn off the alarm. I wonder what would happen if it flew out your window. That'll surely get you out of bed in the morning.

Hide and Seek Alarm Clock
This one is an interesting concept. once the alarm goes off, it will roll off the bed and will role to some hiding place. You'll have to wake up and search for the thing to turn it off and return it to its base.

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Evelyn said...

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