Thursday, January 8, 2009

Israel wrongly blamed for school bombing

The guy from Boundless who wrote this isn't my favorite writer there. As a matter of fact, I don't read anything he writes unless its world news related. Boundless, being mostly a website about relationships, doesn't publish too many of those but here was an interesting one.

This blog post really shouldn't have to be written. If large media outlets published balanced reports of events taking place in the Middle East, it wouldn't be necessary. But in order to help provide a clearer picture, to facilitate a truthful understanding of events, here goes....

CNN reported yesterday that an "Israeli airstrike hits elementary school in Gaza City," killing three. The article goes on to say that the UN had told Israel ahead of time that it was simply a school. No explanation from Israel was permitted by CNN.

The report in the Guardian mentions this school, Asma elementary school in Gaza City, but also the bombing of another UN-funded school and a home (12 killed? 13 killed? 30 killed?). Any explanation of why the home was targeted was not published. Of course.

Well, no, they weren't simply schools, and it wasn't simply a family's home.

The schools were used as storage facilities for Hamas weaponry, and locations from which Hamas terrorists fired rockets into Israel. Hamas had booby-trapped the schools, and the secondary explosions caused additional damage. Numerous Hamas fighters were killed in the explosions at the schools.

And the home? It belonged to the Ad-Daya family. A member of that family, Abu Hamza, lived in the house. He is either a Hamas commander or spokesman for the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, or maybe he's a member of both organizations. To build on the sad news that innocents were killed in this attack: Abu Hamza was not home at the time.

Hamas regularly hides behind civilians, with hopes of deterring response to their attacks from those who value life, and with the secondary goal of increasing civilian casualties, which benefits their cause. To accomplish their aims, Hamas run their operations in residential neighborhoods, in hospitals, near Red Cross and UN buildings, and so on.

Too many people hate Israel, expressing that hatred through mortars and media distortions. For the love of God and Truth, I refuse to be among them.

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