Thursday, January 22, 2009

What do you mean?

I typically will read Reuters over CNN or other liberal sources because it tends to just report with much less spin. The problem is my Reuters news feed for Google reader can still put spin on things. One title said:
Iraq ready if Obama orders quick exit

Wow, I didn't know Iraq was ready and waiting for US withdraw. Often I just skim over the titles since I typically see over 100 articles each day. The thing is, you still have to be careful about this. What was actually said is:
Iraq's military is "prepared for the worst" if President Barack Obama orders a swift withdrawal of U.S. troops
Prepared for the worst is much different then ready. This just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read. Media can, on purpose or not, write things in such a way to present a different reality then what is actually happening. That's why very few are swayed come election time. We can see the spin of the other side even if we can't see the spin of our own side therefore we're not very likely to jump ships. Very few reporters actually present just facts as I believe they should. I believe separation of Church & State is a good thing and I also believe media should be with out bias.

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