Friday, February 20, 2009


After much thought and deep meditation, I've come to the conclusion I should find a new home for Keeley. This has been a hard decision for me as I've had over a year to get to love her more. She's been a wonderful dog and I want to be fair to her.

The problem is I spend 8 hours at work while she is cooped up in my bathroom. After work, I let her out just long enough for her to relieve herself before I jet off again. Although she doesn't know any different, its not fair for her to have to spend so much time in the bathroom.

If any of my five or so readers knows anyone who wants a dog and will provide a good home for her, I would be willing to give her to them. By a good home, she would need a yard to run around in or at least have young kids who would give her lots of play time.

She is a full bread Cocker Spaniel and has been fixed. She has a very kind personality and gets along with anyone. I've trained her to pee and poop on command and knows she is to ignore other dogs. She likes to lay at your feet, play catch, and be loved.

For tricks, I'm now trying to teach her to balance a treat on her nose until I say release. She knows lay down, bang (lay on her side like she's been shot), sit, stand (back legs), stay, and hopefully this new balance trick.

See my blog for random pictures or shoot me a message if you know some one who would like to meet her.

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