Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NCSU fans still the meanest

CHAPEL HILL — Describing what it's like to play at Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium is next to impossible for UNC's Tyler Hansbrough, who will try to win at the hostile arena for the fourth straight season on Wednesday night.

“I don’t think you can really describe it; it’s something you really need to see for yourself,'' he said. "People ask me, ‘What’s it like to play at Duke?’ Well I can’t really describe the feelings that I have whenever we go over there because its undescribeable. I know it sounds silly to say there, but it’s a different type of place and rivalry and all the tradition that goes into it.

"Before the week starts, you’re starting to hear everyone talk about Duke and you hear these things and I think it’s one game that the whole community watches more than anything else."

Here's a smattering of other questions the senior forward answered Tuesday in anticipation of the game:

Q: You've said the 3-pointer against Duke your freshman year is your favorite bucket; why?

A: Because it pretty much sealed the game for us; it was a pretty big three. Not many people were expecting me to make that shot. That's what made it so important.

Q: To win that game your freshman year [against the No. 1 Devils], was that an 'arrival' for this team?

A: Yeah, it was. No one really expected us to do much that year, and Duke was the top-ranked team, and we went over there and won, and no one expected that.

Q: Is beating Duke at their place more fun than beating them at the Smith Center?

A: I'll take it either way, it doesn't really matter to me. ... They're a tough team here or there, and a win's a win.

Q: Are the fans tougher on you at Duke than anywhere else?

A: I think it's tougher at Duke because it seems like the whole student section surrounds the court, and it seems like everybody's really close. I think that adds to it ... and I think their whole student section is more organized. But I've been over there three times, so I know what to expect.

Q: Are they meaner than N.C. State fans?

A: No. They're probably more organized and say some funnier things, but they're not as mean as N.C. State.

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