Monday, March 30, 2009


After our recent trip to DPAC for the Fiddler on the Roof, I think we'll be ready for THIS. Actually, it will probably stay on Broadway for a couple of years before it comes to the Raleigh or Durham theater. We'll probably have to stick with Wicked next year.

Guitar Hero: Behind the Commercial

Guitar Hero

In honor of the current month, I give you this:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stem Cell Executive Order

Below you will see an executive order given by President Obama allowing research on fetus providing another method of abortion. Now, girls who are pregnant are being told they are killing their baby to help save lives. That it is their duty to society to help science. Note Bush era administration supported stem cell research as long as it did not end in the destruction of human life. That was the only restriction. See below how quickly those were revoked. I've cut and pasted this from the official order.


The purpose of this order is to remove these limitations on scientific inquiry, to expand NIH support for the exploration of human stem cell research


Sec. 5. Revocations.
(a) The Presidential statement of August 9, 2001, limiting Federal funding for research involving human embryonic stem cells, shall have no further effect as a statement of governmental policy.

(b) Executive Order 13435 of June 20, 2007, which supplements the August 9, 2001, statement on human embryonic stem cell research, is revoked.


March 9, 2009.