Thursday, May 14, 2009

My thoughts on Miss California

Did it cost her the win?
Based on the online rant afterwards, I can not assume all the judges were unbiased therefore at least one of the judges would have given her unfairly low marks based on her response. I don't know if she would have won but I can say that after giving her opinion, that chance was removed.

Should she have kept her crown?
My simple answer is no. The rule states that she is not allowed to be in photos nude or partially nude unless approved by the pageant before hand. Unlike Miss Rode Island, her photos were not approved before hand thus there was a breach in the contract that she signed. Technically she should have lost the crown however it is the judges right to allow her to retain the crown.

Had she not made the gay comment, would she have kept it?
Probably so. Miss America seems willing to forgive infractions as long as the contestant is both repentant and willing to change.

Did Trump have the option of taking it away from her politically?
Not really. It is already assumed that she was persecuted for her religious belief therefore if she not only lost her chance to win because of her belief but also was stripped of her crown, you are looking at a lawsuit at worst case and at best case, you would see a boycott of the pageant by most all of the major religious groups.

Did Perez wonder if he would be invited back?
No, since Trump couldn't take her crown away, he also is forced to invite Perez back even though his online rant seriously tarnished the reputation of the judges of the pageant.

Is she a Christian?
I can not say one way or another. Modesty are Christian attributes I would hope growing Christian women would strive for. Her photos and choice to get a boob job before strutting in her bikini on stage were not modest but they were 2 years prior (photos were at least). God can do a lot in two years so who knows where she is now. She had two options on stage.
Option 1: say man and woman and lose the pageant
Option 2: say gay marriage is OK and loose her reputation with her family, friends, and faith.

What are my thoughts on gay marriage?
I believe many of the problems in America are a direct result of decline in the core family unit. Through out history, strong family units have done nothing but benefit society. As the institution of marriage becomes more and more of a joke, we've seen problems compounded. In strait relationships, you're looking at a 50/50 chance of the marriage lasting often leaving kids with out a role model in their lives. Mothers become single mothers working overtime to provide for their family's basic needs. She simply does not have time to instill the values she's learned over time now is she able to watch her kids and discipline them as needed. What we lack is strong male leadership in the home. Guys have been told they need to stop being oppressive by being leaders and we're listening. You see more "Peter Pan men" now then ever before. We desire fun with no consequence in our late twenties and even into our thirties. Yes I believe marriage as defined in the Bible as between a man and a woman is the right way but I don't think that will fix the already rampant decline in the family unit. That is simply one more step away from an already distant definition.
Too late to fix the nation? Maybe
Too late to help the couples in our church? Certainly not!

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