Monday, June 1, 2009


This is going to be so funny!!! I quit buying comics about two years ago but up until that point, Deadpool was on of my favorite monthly reads. The guy was hilarious and I loved how he always broke the 4th wall on page 1 as a talk show type of guest. Ryan Reynolds is a great choice for that quirky quick witted merce with a mouth attitude. I can't help to think of Blade 3 where he is captured by some vampires. They threaten him and he looked them in the eye and said they should run because "he ate a lot of garlic earlier and he has just farted." Hopefully it will be a good unlike the Final Four franchise that failed as both a comic book action movie and as comedy. This quote Reynolds made makes my anticipation itch grow a little more.

We're just trying to break a story right now and figure out who the villain is going to be and all that stuff. But, it's going to be just like the comic books. I'm gonna have a messed up face and you may see some flashbacks of Wade earlier in his life, but primarily what you see is what you get in the comics and that's the goal. And there is no better place to draw material from then the comics which are incredible.

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