Monday, July 27, 2009

Bridesmaids Flowers

Did you know you spend around $45 a person just so they can hold a flower on stage? That is crazy! One idea that is kind of catching on is to get the girls a purse instead. A nice clutch purse, while it cost about the same, is a much better idea in my opinion. It can look just as nice and it doubles as a gift for the girls. That's much better then something that will just die by the next day. We just went to the mall and looked at EVERY ladies store in there. An hour an a half later, we settled on a purse from Caché that was ivory in color and had a brooch of a flower.

Marcie thought about making her own flowers out of ribbon or buying some silk ones from Micheal's to put together but with the amount of things it takes to plan a wedding, she just didn't have time for anything extra.

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