Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Dress

I have no advice for buying a wedding dress. Actually, that's not true. Marcie told me a few things our wedding director told her.

The director was not a fan of strapless dresses for two reasons. First, when you bend over, you tend to show everyone everything. On your wedding day, probably the only person you want seeing that much of you will be standing next to you, not your guests. Also, the strapless dress can give what she called the "turtle" neck/back. That's when the pastor says "you may kiss the bride" both lean in to kiss. Evidently in a strapless dress, it is very important for the guy to come the whole way and the girl to keep a strait neck to avoid the hump back and giraffe neck. That looks the best in pictures.

You have a strapless dress, what now? Well, when you talk to a kid or need to bend over, drop to a knee but still keep your back strait. Also, remember to keep your shoulders back as much as possible and when you kiss your groom, make him come to you (this includes when people tap their glasses for you two to kiss).

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