Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Food

Another large expense is the catering you'll need for the reception. We were originally thinking about having our family (extended) cook food for the wedding but we decided against this so that my parents could relax. If you do decide to have people cook, make sure you hire a point person that will accept all the food from everyone and put it out on the table.

With that said, if you decide as we did to hire some one and not worry about coordinating it yourself, your first reaction is to go to some one who caters for weddings. We quickly found that was a terrible idea. If you do that, you're looking at around $14 a plate and for average tasting food at that. On top of that, you'll have to pay for people to serve the food, transportation, gratuity, sales tax, and other miscellaneous expenses. The grand total for a 100 person wedding could be around $4,000 when you're all said and done.

The better option is to choose a restaurant that you like and find out if they cater. I've gotten into crepes recently and I really like how they look on the plate. It looks fancy and tastes great. The best part about it is they only charge per a plate. If only 80 people eat, then we would only be charged for 80 plates. Then again, you have to account for Darren who eats three times the amount of a normal person so you pay triple for him but most people would be good with one dinner crepe (galette) and one dessert crepe. They were $13 a person however that included service, gratuity, transportation, plates, napkins, sweet/unsweet tea, a dinner crepe, and a dessert crepe. The only thing on top of that would be sales tax which is unavoidable.

There are several other options as well. Chic-fil-a, Golden Coral, Moe's, White Swan BBQ, and several other "everyday" restaurants have a catering option. If there is a place you love to eat, be sure to ask the manager if they would be willing to cater for your wedding.

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