Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Music

There are several types of music you'll need to consider. I'll break them down by time they are played and what we decided to do.

Before the wedding starts you probably won't want silence as guests just sit there. Marcie and I had Blue Sands Music play before hand. We went for the classic strings trio because that was the easiest thing for us. We ended up telling them to pick out the music themselves and we didn't care what they decided. Sam and Angela aka Samgela had an interesting twist. They had a college friend who is a very talented musician play for their wedding. Shelly Moore is an amazing Christian artiest and the Shelly Moore Band was a beautiful change to the normal strings prelude. Check out her website when you get the chance. You'll be glad you did.

When the wedding starts, the processional often includes cannon in D and Jesu. You are however not limited to that. Samgela had the Shelly Moore Band play Agnus Dei as Angela entered and Marcie and I had Jeremy, a very talented college student who is very involved at Colonial, play The Divine Romance by Phil Wickham. That was a last minute change from JD Loftis who is also a talented college student and son of the worship pastor.

Once everyone is in, there is often one to two special music songs played. We don't care for the sappy songs too much but preferred a little more spiritual songs. We ordered strings sheet music from the Getty's website for In Christ Alone and gave that to Blue Sands Music to learn. Because that day was a blur and we were taking communion, I can't remember who sang the the song for us but I think it went pretty well. Like any music played, you could play a recording over the sound speakers, have your strings play the music and some one sing or lead the congregation, or have a special band or singer songwriter sing/play something for you. The choices are open for you.

The exit should be something fun and upbeat. This leads into the the reception so everyone should be in a good mood. As the bride and groom are leaving, we had Blue Sands play the first 20 seconds or so of the Indian Jones Theme song (no Tim, that wasn't Star Wars, Tara was right). Swing music is also a fun choice as well as many other types. If you want more traditional, choose a classical song with an upbeat tempo. (a piece of advice here - pause, take it all in, and give the audience a chance to see you before you run off)

Finally, the bride and groom are outside and guests are leaving the chapel. You'll need about three more songs here. Again, you want something fun but not quite as fun as when the bride and groom were leaving. This was probably inappropriate for a church setting but we found a good strings version of Stairway to Heaven from Mona Lisa Sound and thought it sounded really cool. You typically want 3-4 songs however as I'm sure you know, Stairway is like 10 minutes long therefore we only needed 1-2 songs after that.

Oh, there is one more set of songs to be decided upon but I'll have to save that for the next blog titled wedding reception music.

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