Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

This is an expense typically occurred by the parents of the groom. Depending on where you are having the wedding and how close to the wedding the rest of your family lives, this could be done one of two ways.

First, you could cook something or have a lot of your family members bring some dishes. You want your parents to have a good time but this isn't the wedding day so don't feel bad if they are slightly distracted on this day. On the other hand, they shouldn't be so busy that they can't enjoy talking to all of the guests or participate in the rehearsal. It is first and foremost a practice run of the next day. Mistakes will happen but the more people practice, the less problems you'll have.

Second way is to go to a restaurant. We went to an Italian place but the choice is yours. It doesn't have to be super nice as it is just a time to spend with the wedding party and out of town guests. Oh, I guess I didn't mention this but typically the people that would be invited would be out of town guests and the wedding party. The wedding party for obvious reasons but out of town guests are typically invited also. Since they're traveling that far, you're giving them a little more time with the bride and groom.

Also, gifts for the bridal party are typically given out then.

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