Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding Rings

There are a lot to think about here. I should probably have written a blog on engagement rings and maybe I will later but for now we're talking about the wedding bands. Guys here have many more options. At one time it was gold and white gold. Now, you're not likely to find anyone wearing any form of gold. Today's generation doesn't wear gold despite its timeless look. Silver is much more popular and with the introduction to platinum, that color has solidified itself into the being the best color to have. White gold for a long time was the alternative to platinum but even that has been upset this year with the growing popularity of palladium. It has all of the same characteristics of platinum (won't tarnish, strength, scratch resistance, etc) but not the price tag. All in all, its actually cheaper then white gold. There are several other metals that I pursued but I really liked the chrome look of palladium the best.

For my ring, I bought a 6 mm width band with a comfort fit inside. That basically means that its slightly rounded on the inside so the edges don't dig into your skin as bad. Since I've never worn a normal band, I don't know the difference. It probably won't lay as flat as the traditional band would until my hand gets fat and the band is indented into my skin.

Price was my biggest concern when buying a ring. You can get the same ring at any store you looked at so which ever one offered the cheapest price would be the best one to go to. I've found Diamonds Direct offered me the best price on both Marcie's rings as well as mine. The same band I bought for $350 at Diamonds direct was $500 at one of the places in the mall and $700 at Jarrod's. They can always go down in price and you don't have to buy today so shop around like you would a car.

I will say that my experience at Diamonds Direct was not a good one. Marcie and I just felt like a price tag when we were in there and our guy kept forgetting to call us. I can understand since not many people special order custom designed rings but had we not kept on him, it wouldn't have been ready in time for the wedding. Buying my ring was a breeze however. It was in stock already so I just picked it up right then. If they weren't so much cheaper then everyone else, we wouldn't have gone with them for the wedding bands.

Also, my brother in law had a bad experience with the owner one time. Mike and him are on first name basis and one time at dinner, Mike tried to buy him a round of drinks. The drinks were refused and he pretended like he didn't know Mike, one of his best customers. Its a long story but it might have involved the owner with another woman. I'll leave it at that.

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