Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Suits

Guys have it easy. You're looking at around $150 for the tux rental and that is it. Ladies spend at least that on their dress, then you have shoes, jewelry, etc.

One twist that has been gaining popularity since the recession is to buy a suit instead of renting a tux. Why not? You pay the same price but get to keep the suit! S&K was having a buy one get one free sale so we all wore $200 suits for $100.

The shirts traditionally would be white but we decided to mix that up as well. Express for men has every color of dress shirt you could imagine. You'd be hard pressed to find a wedding color that you couldn't match in that store. We found our "pool" colored shirts in there, waited till there was a big sale, and bought them all at once. The deal was, buy 3, get $20 off all three of them. Then we had a coupon for 10% off that so we ended up paying $25 for a $50 dress shirt.

The tie was a bit difficult to find a good price. We looked all over for nice looking ties. S&K had some nice ones but since we needed seven, we were out of luck there. We did find them at a department store and bought all of the ties there. Normally $50, we got them for $30 so that wasn't too bad of a price.

$150 for suit, shirt, and tie and they got to keep it. I doubt the shirt will be worn that often being that it is a bright blue but you never know.

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