Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Website

Everyone creates wedding websites these days. Its a great place for people to go when they quickly need info about your wedding like directions or where you are registered. While there are several out there and others more popular, I've found to be the best website. Unlike the knot, they aren't full of advertisements and crap for you to figure out how to get around. Also, its much easier for guests to search for you if they forget the web address and the layout is much cleaner and more professional looking.

I added a little extra touch to my page however. The website would have been something like however to make it just, I bought that website from If you know computers pretty well, its not that hard to do but if not, good luck! You have to do some searching and once you've bought the website, it takes a little while to find where to forward the page to your ewedding site.

Now, creating the site, you'll start out with several options. many of those options will only be available for a month as a trial. Make sure you read what will be free after the trial period is over so you don't have to redo all the work you did the first time. Remember you can rename the pages so even if "out of towners" is no longer available, you can name another page to that name and get the same result.

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