Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Princess

I like to joke around with Marcie about being a princess. If anyone knows her, you will know she is both athletic and artistic. Neither of those stereotypes include princess type of behavior. I think its funny now that Jaime is giving princess a new name in her current study. Marcie is really enjoying it so far and is wanting to be a princess. On our honeymoon, she would rather be pampered at a resort then go off and have an adventure at some ancient Mayan ruins.

Jaime however is showing that an actual princes is a lady with responsibilities. She can't run around collecting dingle hoppers and doodads. She is an ambassador for her kingdom representing her king. Who is Marcie's King? You're probably thinking me since I'm so kingly but it is actually the one true God. The creator of all things and the one who through his fairness and justice created both heaven and hell. When you become Christian, you develop a relationship with God and become one of his children with equal inheritance to his riches.

You get to heaven not as a result of works but it is a gift from God, so that no one can boast of his own merits (Ephesians 2:8-9). Remember good people go to hell all the time. Make sure you accept the gift of Salvation that can only come from God. Ask me or a pastor what that means. It will change your life.

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marcie said...

"She is an ambassador for her kingdom representing her king"... I like this post. :) but I would change 'my kindom' to 'His kingdom' or 'the kingdom'. And then capitalize King. :)