Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random End Cap Grabber

While Marcie is the add clicking queen, I have been informed that I am the king of picking up random crap stores put in their isles and end caps. It is always random and things you don't see every day so why not take a look. Today I picked up this cool flaming flower for Marcie's birthday. You light the middle which creates a huge flame. That flame lights six smaller candles which causes the flower to open up. Not sure how it works but I can't wait to try it this Wednesday.

On a separate note, it is really hard to get Marcie a surprise on her birthday when she knows where I am at all times. I decided to get something different that I knew she really wanted. She has been talking forever about needing a mirror in our room. I was going to get her this jewelry box/picture frame thing that she really wanted but Wal-mart didn't carry that item any longer. While looking on line, I found out you could get a full length mirror that doubles as a jewelry box. Score! I hope she likes it. She was really excited and since I'm mean, I put it together, placed it in our room, then put a sheet over it and said she couldn't look at the mirror till Sunday (tomorrow). That sounds fair right? On Wednesday, I'll give her the key to the thing and she can start using the jewelry box. That is her official birthday so lets make the present official.

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