Monday, August 24, 2009

The Wedding 30

We've all heard of the freshman 15 but do you know about the marriage 30? Most guys I've talked to about getting married say that after they got married, they gained around 30 pounds. I can believe it. I was measured for a friend Wayne's wedding at a 28 in waist. One year later, for my own wedding, I was measured at a 32 in waist. Four inches in one year and we were not even married yet.

I'm going to do something about that. My brother-in-law is opening a super nice gym on Wake Forest road soon. I'm going to try and get some people from work to join with me and work out and lap swim. In addition, Marcie has agreed to put her culinary talents towards things that are better for us. Its hard cutting back when her food is so good but we can at least get rid of a lot of the fat and such.

What does that look like? For breakfast this morning, I had a breakfast granola bar, a peach, a banana, cheese, and pistachios. Oh, and a grape Juicy Juice juice box. If I only had my Dannon all-natural strawberry yogurt it would have been the perfect breakfast! That's not too hard. No trans fat in there and nothing too bad for you. Dinner will be much harder. Marcie made some meat loaf which does have some saturated fat in it. Its so good so it is hard not to want to eat a lot of it. We added a side of jasmin rice to fill you up so that helps limit the fatty intake.

Oh, if you're cooking rice, give jasmin rice a try. Once you start cooking jasmin, you'll never go back to normal long grain rice again.

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