Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding Decorations

Decorations can be very expensive. The more you do yourself, the better off you will be price wise. With that being said, unless you are like Marcie and can picture things in your head with out seeing it some where, you'll probably want to consult the wedding mags that I mentioned in an earlier blog. Remember, if you're the bride/groom, you won't want to worry about anything on your wedding day. I felt pretty much like cattle being told where to go the whole time. We had people setting things up and moving things around. On that, if you plan to do things yourself, find a friend or consult your church's college class. I'm sure most of the guys there would love to make a little bit of cash by setting things up for you.

Southern Wedding Magazine will be putting out their next issue in September. They are great for having lots of ideas and very few advertisements. Once you have your idea, you'll want to make a plan for it to all be done. A lot of the flowers can be picked up from the farmers market. They're much cheaper then a florist and the flowers are always fresh. The people there also seem to be really nice and willing to do above and beyond to make your day special. Micheal's sells tulle and other ribbons and cloths you can use to decorate also. They are also a great place to find fake ivy or other running green plants.

Shop around some of the outdoor places at the mall. Some times you will find good deals on lanterns or other yard type of things. My cousin did something like that at her wedding. She had a row of yard lanterns and they looked really nice at night next to a string lit gazebo.

If you're having a winter wedding, things just got a lot easier. One of the nice things about a winter wedding is that the decorations are already out. The church will often be filled with poinsettias and other greenery. You'll have Christmas banners up and everything will be looking very nice. A little tulle and there is nothing more to decorating.

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