Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wedding move

Combining two lives is not an easy process. There is a lot to move, pack up, and remove. Then once you're done, you need to find a place for everything. If you're like me, you bought your house with only yourself in mind. Something that you could afford and was ample space for you and your junk. Now that there are two of us, we've got double of a lot of things.

What to do with all that stuff? Dave had a good suggestion to put it all in a storage unit. That way it is out of your house so when you come home from your honemoon, you have a clean peaceful house. Nothing is mores stressful then looking at a messy house that you will need to clean. Another alternative is to buy 15-20 rubber boxes from Wal-mart all the same size, shape, and color. Put all extra stuff in those boxes and put them in a spare room. That way they at least look decent and are out of your way.

We went with that method and bought 15 $4.50 boxes and have them in our spare room. One of these days we will go through them but until then, at least they are out of our way and look organized.

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