Friday, August 7, 2009


I love yogurt. I'm always looking for a better tasting yogurt that has a milkier texture. I was at Target today and found an interesting yogurt. Yobaby is a yogurt to help babies develope. I figured it would be good since babies can't have a lot of the preservatives that they put in adults yogurts. Plus, the yogurt was called yo baby. That's what I said to Marcie the first time I saw her. I used to use that one on all of my pick up attempts. I'm just kidding... but its still a funny name.

It was ok but weird. It had the fruit on the bottom which was normal. Then the middle was soft as I would hope but the top had a strange almost icing texture and was slightly yellow. It was ok I guess. It was no Dannon All Natural Strawberry but I'll eat it.

Speaking of, I got 2 packs of Dannon All natural as well. Yum!

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