Friday, September 25, 2009

Java Resources

I've been working on this java program for the last couple of months. Honestly, I've only been working on it for about two weeks since things have slowed down enough to actually get working on it. Its basically a GUI that accepts text input, check boxes, and select menus and converts them into a script file to set up a program for my friend Doug.

The nice thing about Java is that you don't have to write much code to get a big result. If you want to add a button, you just say add button and there it is on the screen. I've found three websites that provide great examples on how to use portions of the java code.
  1. Sun's Java website about swing: HERE
  2. The Java Almanac from ExampleDepot: HERE
  3. Leepoint's descriptions and examples: HERE
They is a wealth of information on Java out there but I like these because they are concise. Leepoint in particular describes classes in a sentence or two and gives sample code for each. The other two provide great examples but I tend not to read their descriptions. Maybe there's some better sites out there. I just happen to like these.

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