Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby its cold inside

The thing about me is I love the cold. The thing about Marcie is, she doesn't. Marcie can be cold outside on a 85 degree day with a winter coat on. That's why its funny that she's living with me. In the summer time, I run the AC so that the temp is no higher then 76 degrees (74 when I sleep). I'd turn it lower but that would waist too much electricity. In the winter time, because I like it cold and because it saves a lot of electricity, I set my thermostat to 68. Lol, it was 71 in the house yesterday and I was walking around in just my boxers. Marcie ran in the room and jumped in the bed with all of her clothes on. I laughed when I told her what I used to do in the winter. I have a feeling I won't be able to get away with 68 this year. I suppose I can turn it up to 72 for her. That is after all, room temperature. What do you think. Do you think Marcie with go for 72 if I tell her how cute she looks in her sweat pants and winter coat? I keep telling her "your body will adjust." I don't think she believes me. :)

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marcie said...

I am telling you if you don't want me dressin like an eskamoe than you had best go with at least the 72 degrees! :) A lot of women are like this until menapause or pregnancy sweetheart, then I am absolutly sure I will enjoy the same temp as you!