Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Software - Free compression software

You've probably heard of winzip or winrar but while using it, you found it always nags you about buying their software. Legally, your trial ends after some time and you should purchase the software or remove it from your PC. I for one compress and decompress files daily and have need for an integrated system that does that for you.

If you are running cygwin, another free program on your pc, you can 7zip, bzip, gzip, and compress your files as well as remove those compression formats for free. Most however do not use the shell based commands often enough therefore you want a program that will do it all for you. IZArc is a great program for that. It does every type of compression you would ever need and best of all, its free. Just go to and search for IZArc. After trying winrar, 7zip, winzip, and a few others, it is my favorite on the market so far.

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